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4 Reasons You Should Not Travel Alone

Got the travel bug? Exploring new cultures and places is an exciting and fun thing to do. However, in today’s busy world, it is difficult to organize a vacation for multiple people at once. So, many people end up traveling alone. As appealing as it may sound, it is probably not a good idea.

Firstly, traveling alone can be dangerous, especially for women. People with malicious intent are more likely to target women who are alone, and look like they don’t have anyone else to turn to for help in the near vicinity. As much as you think you’re capable of protecting yourself, it is always better to be safe and take a travel buddy with you, rather than end up hurt or something worse. The danger may not seem so eminent where you live, but in other countries, in cities, there is a large list of women who have gone missing or were killed because they were attacked or kidnapped when alone.

On a lighter note, besides being safe, having someone with you also makes it more fun to travel. If you’re on your own, yes you have the opportunity to meet people, but the odds are that you won’t keep in touch with them past becoming Facebook friends. If you go with a close friend, then you have this trip to look back upon with fond memories in the future.


If you go traveling with a friend, it will also be more exciting. When you are by yourself, you are more prone to stay in your comfort zone, rather than going out and trying new things in your destination. Traveling with someone with different interests than yours will help you try foods and doing things that you wouldn’t have normal done yourself. This makes for a more fulfilling experience all around.

Lastly, traveling with someone means that you’ll be able to split costs. Traveling is expensive, but if you go with a friend you can easily split hotel rooms, meals, cabs, souvenirs, and a whole host of other things. Its a good way to save a little money while still enjoying your vacation.

Going with a friend ensures that you’ll be looking back on your trip for years to come, and it will inspire you to take more trips in the future. Find out more about TourBar and how they can help you find a travel companion.